About Sherry

Hello Everyone welcome to the God’s Wee Gardens website. I am a Christian and I love God with every fiber of my being. I give credit to God for directing me through all that I do. Without his direction I would not be where I am today. As a single mother, I have found that I need guidance to raise my children as well as what my call is in life. I have been blessed beyond belief and this website is another testament to the blessings that God has given to me. It has become my passion to make the landscape around my home beautiful and fun for everyone to enjoy. Growing up, I was always helping to do yard work and it seemed like such a chore pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables. I found myself imagining doing something else something fun.

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How I started creating miniature gardens

I started creating miniature gardens a few years ago. I had just purchased my home. I was looking for ways to spruce up my yard. One day while watching television, I came across a gardening channel that was showing how to create miniature gardens, as an artist I love to share my creations with others. Creating a miniature garden was just another expression of art that I can share. The best part is it is very simple and it is a lot of fun. There are so many ideas that can be used to create a miniature garden and there really is no end to what you can do. Miniature gardens make great gifts for plant lovers and miniature garden lovers alike. You can use just the pots or you can create a whole miniature world within your garden. I am always looking for new ideas to create my gardens and everywhere I go I look for things I can use to add to my garden. There really is no limit to what can be added to my miniature world and I see something new every time I go shopping. All it takes is an imagination. Even children love making miniature gardens. After all who wouldn’t want to see a fairy or a gnome or even a little person. I even utilized a tree in my yard as a gnome house. I guess you could say my fairies, gnomes and little people are neighbors. Creating miniature gardens has been very rewarding. It not only brings out my creative abilities but it also brings out my inner child. A place where my imagination can run wild as it puts a smile on other peoples faces.

Bringing out your inner child

Gardening can be very rewarding not just to grow some beautiful flowers but also to beautify your yard in a way that everyone can enjoy. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a smile on someone’s face when you present them with their very own miniature garden that you created. The world is so busy these days it doesn’t seem like we take enough time out of our schedules to enjoy simple pleasures. We have so many schedules to keep and classes to attend that there really needs to be a balance within our lives that we can take time out to stop to smell the roses. The world of fairies and gnomes is endless you can find many ideas on the Internet that can show you many worlds that are just waiting to be right in your own front or back yard.

Sparking your imagination;

This website will help you to spark your imagination to create your own miniature world within your garden. A world that can be changed into anything you wish to create. You are going to find houses, bridges, moss covered rocks, ways to create rivers, waterfalls and even a swing or a fairy birdbath etc…there are endless possibilities. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. All the best, Sherry Blandford Founder of Imagination Gardens

Meet the Artist behind the magic

My name is Sherry and I enjoy creating miniature gardens I do this because I like to bring out the creativity in a person. Seeing a smile on other peoples face is so rewarding. I pray that you too will have a smile on your face by enjoying what I have to share.

Sherry Blandford
Founder God’s Wee Gardens

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