Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden Review-A Great Start

Creative Roots create your own fairy garden is a kit that you can use that can add to your fairy garden. It is great for those that are just starting out. You can find this product at or Target.

By using a kit such as this you can create a whole mini garden all at once. Compared to buying several items one at a time. It is great for sharing with the grand kids and making a fun project out of it.

When you purchase the product you receive:

  • 1 10 inch planter
  • fairy
  • fairy tree with a swing
  • bird
  • butterfly
  • wooden fence
  • welcome sign
  • birdbathproduct you receive
  • pebbles 4oz
  • fairy glitter 2.5g

after receiving the product you take out the planter, add some dirt, start placing items in the planter. You may want to include some miniature plants or flowers to make it beautiful.

This product is okay for children age 4 and above.

This product has very well crafted figurines. They aren’t what you may imagine from a kit. Some kits are kind of cheap looking however, you will not be disappointed. This is a product that everyone can enjoy.

I even read other peoples reviews on this product and there are nothing but good reviews about it. The only negative review I found was placing the fairy on the swing. They suggested gluing the fairy on the swing. However, I found nothing wrong with this product. I would recommend this product. Giving it 5 stars. It is an amazing start for your fairy garden.

I will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have. Just leave them in the link below. Thank You

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