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Have you ever thought about decorating rocks? This can be fun and inspiring it is amazing what you can do with just a simple little rock.I am going to share some ways that decorating rocks can not only be fun, how they can add beauty to your landscape, and how a single rock can change someone’s life

 Rock Art

Rock art has been around since the dawn of time. Archeologists have found rock art in caves all over the world. This is known as cave paintings or rock art. This is human made markings placed on natural stone. Rock art continues to be of importance to indigenous people in various parts of the world who view them as sacred items and significant components of their cultural patrimony.

Modern Day Rock Art

Today we have taken rock art to a whole new level. We have found various methods to decorate the rocks and many different ways to display them. Whether you choose to paint the rocks, add photos or just a simple word people have joined in this art form on many different levels. There are training videos and websites that teach you how to paint them, you can learn how to transfer images you can use stencils to put words on them or you can build a mosaic with them. No matter what you choose there are plenty of places to get the training you need.

It is really fun to see the ideas people come up with.

Rock Paintings

There is nothing like driving down the road and suddenly seeing a rock that has been painted. I used to live in Lake Elsinore, California there are two rocks that were really cool to see as we drove past them. One was a frog and the other looked like an apple that someone had cut. What an imagination the person had to see this in the shape that the rock was. The shapes of rocks can determine what you paint on them.

frog bolder lake elsinore california
Frog Bolder Lake Elsinore, CA
the big apple bolders lake elsinore california
The Big Apple Bolders Lake Elsinore California






Great Gift Ideas

A few years ago a co worker of mine gave me a gift she made. The gift included some rocks. I have been collecting rocks since I was a kid. I am amazed at how many rocks I have received as gifts and the person giving it to me had no idea that I collect them. Anyway, the gift she gave me had words painted on the from my co worker

Another rock I received as a gift was from my grandson he is 5 years old. He likes to paint rocks. This particular time he didn’t paint the rock he colored on it with markers.

gift from my grandson
made by Xander

He really likes to decorate rocks. This is a good project to do when it is raining outside. Everyone can get in on the fun.

Paper On Rocks

No we are not talking about rock. paper, scissors. Or maybe we are.Four years ago I worked at Dollar Tree. One day when I was putting product on the shelves I came across two rocks. This was not unusual because we were always finding rocks that kids picked up from our craft isle. However these rocks were not the ones we sold. They both have a heart that someone cut out of paper and adhered them to the rocks. I picked up the rocks and on the back side was a small piece of paper that said “Love Rocks/fb” I thought that was odd but I put the rocks in my pocket and took them home. Upon arriving home I put them on my shelf that I keep for my rocks and forgot about them, until I started writing this article.

I decided to photograph my rocks for this article and I found those two rocks. When I picked them up I noticed the tag on the back of the rocks. Love Rocks/fb I thought I would go to facebook to see if that was what they meant. I found it. What a touching story. I could not believe I have two of these rocks.

love rocks
Love Rocks


I encourage you to go to the site and check out what I found. I was very touched by this story and I think you will be too.

It is amazing what a single rock can do for inspiring people. I have to say that I never thought that I would be inspired to decorate rocks. However now I enjoy painting rocks as much as I enjoy collecting them I have found some awesome ways to not only paint them but to show them off as well.

All you need is rocks, acrylic paint or markers, sealer for outdoors, and your imagination and you can decorate rocks as well.

I hope this has given you some new decorating ideas for your landscape. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them just leave them in the box below.


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