Fairy Crosses-Tiny Stones Few People Know About

Have you ever heard of Fairy Crosses? I didn’t either until I was listening to a sermon the other day. The minister mentioned fairy crosses, and he told the story about them. It peaked my interest so I went on an adventure to find out more about these Fairy Crosses. What I found was Amazing. I now have an understanding of what Fairy Crosses really are and where you can go to find them for yourself.

fairy crosses
fairy crosses

The Legend of Fairy Crosses

According to the Cherokee Indians (also known as the first people) in ancient times over 2000 years ago there were little people (fairies, gnomes) who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. There was a celebration going on spring was almost here and the little people were dancing and singing during this celebration. An elfin messenger brought sad news to the little people from the land of the Dawn. He reported that Christ was crucified. The dancing and singing stopped and the little people wept. As they were weeping their tears fell to the ground, as their tears hit the ground they formed into little crosses of stone.

 With Joy gone from their hearts they wandered into the forest. Around the area of their dancing and singing the ground was covered with these tiny crosses. No one knows what happened to the little people. The Elders of the tribe say that after that day the little people were never seen again. It is said that on spring nights when the moon is full you can hear them whispering along the river when there is a gentle spring breeze you can hear them sighing in the forest.

Another version of the story is that the tiny crosses were from the Cherokee Indians when they were forced to leave their homes as well as the way they were forced off of their land by the white man, and forced to relocate on the Trail of Tears. All because of the greed they had for the Gold that was mined. The Cherokee Indians cried and this formed the stones.

According to the European settlers, they believe that the angels were the ones crying and the crosses are the remnant of their tears. They call them faith crosses.

No matter what version of the story you choose to use they all have the same outcome. This little stone is not man made it is a natural occuring rock that is formed in the shape of a cross.

Legend had been told that Pocahontas even gave one to Captain John Smith as a token of friendship when they first met.

I believe that this is how God left his mark in the earth until Christ returns. This is definitely a natural occurrence and can not be done by any man. To me this proves that God is real.



Staurolite is the Scientific Name

Staurolite is the scientific name used for the type of crystal that makes up the little crosses. Staurolite derives from the Greek stauros which means cross and lithos for stone to the common twinning . It is a regional mineral of intermediate to high grade. It’s a combination of silicate, iron, and aluminum that is imbedded into rocks that have been subjected to great heat and pressure. The natural crystal is twinned from two separate crystals causing the shape of a cross. There are three basic crosses that are found the Roman Cross, the Maltese Cross and the Saint Andrew’s Cross there is also a single crystal.

Staurolite have small garnets embedded in them some are on the outside and some are on the inside of the stones every staurolite has them. Most staurolites have a reddish brown streak running through them. They have been found from the top of the ground to as deep as 20 feet down. When digging for them people have found that they could dig in one area and the stone is found three to four feet down and when the person moves over a few feet they may not find the staurolite for eight to nine feet in that area. It all depends on the vein of staurolite. There are areas where the stones are just laying on top of the soil. The best time to find these is right after it rains that is when they come up to the surface.

staurolite vein
staurolite vein

Staurolites are found in five colors one for each race, red, black, white, light brown, and yellow. A gray color is also found however it is only gray because of being weathered. Just like seeing moss growing on a rock that has been there for a long period of time.

Science can’t really explain the crosses. There is one theory that suggests the rocks are over 500 million years old and were formed when a meteorite hit the atmosphere and broke apart. Another theory suggests that deep within the earth a seismic activity caused them to be pushed up to the earth’s surface over thousands of years however these are just theories. No one knows for sure.

Spiritual Attributes

It is said that this little stone has spiritual attributes it has been known to be a grounding stone. Meaning it keeps you well grounded, connecting you to the earth. The stones are said to be a tool used to communicate with animals and other entities of the natural and spiritual as well as elemental realms. They are said to make you more calm and relaxed by relieving stress and help to dissipate fear and anxiety.

Many sources cite that the fairy crosses are excellent at helping to overcome addictions The calming effects help to strengthen the person that is wanting to stop smoking and to ease other addictive behaviors. These are known to bring good luck as well. Many people carry these stones for the good luck quality, in the past there were people such as the late ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, ex-President Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, and Charles Lindbergh who carried these little crosses.(as well as other leaders of Europe).  

I just know that this little stone can surely make an impact on the earth what a powerful message our Creator has left here for us to witness.

staurolite rock
Staurolite rock

Where to find Staurolite

Staurolite is only found in a few states here in the United States. It is the official state mineral for the state of Georgia (mostly in Fannin County is where they are commonly found), it can also be found in large quantities in Fairy Stone State Park, Patrick County, Virginia, North Carolina, and New Mexico. They are also found in Russia, Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, France and in the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland.

It is amazing that with this many places that the stone appears to be, not many people around the world know or have heard  about this tiny little wonder. I asked my mom about it and she knew nothing about it and had never heard of them before. This is kind of strange because when we were young we lived in the Mountains of Colorado and it was our mom that had us searching for quartz crystals. That was a funny site six kids out looking for the tiniest crystals you ever seen.  As we collected them we’d put them in baby food jars. We would be out there for hours looking for just a few handfuls to fill the jars. I guess that was okay because it at least kept us busy.

I know that mom says that rock hunting comes to us naturally because we had many people in the family that were rock hunters. My mom knew all the rocks names that we found. I would hold up a rock and ask what kind of rock is this mom? Usually the reply was that is agate or that is just a piece of quartz. We just never knew about these little crosses.

This journey has not only taught me about the Fairy crosses but has helped me to research my family ancestry as well. It is amazing how God does this. He has us doing one particular thing so we can learn about other things. That is what is so unique to me about God’s learning process.

There are many ways that this fairy crosses are now used some people wear them as jewelry, some just carry them around and others just leave them in cases to show off to their friends and family no matter how you choose to display them.

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If you liked this article I would love to hear what you think about Fairy Crosses. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to hear from you.  I would also like to know of more people who would know something about this maybe you own one let me know in the comments.

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