Fairy Fun in the Summer Sun-The Aromas Summer Brings

fairy fun in the summer sunThe Aromas Summer Brings

Summer is almost here and the smell of suntan oil and bonfires are just a few of the aromas summer brings with it. The weather man says it is going to be HOT!!! It is time to start thinking of ways that you and your fairy’s fun in the summer sun will be magical. There are many ways that you will find to cool off this summer. Like running through the sprinkler and eating ice cream. What a way to start off the summer.

It’s a hot day and you are trying to find a way to cool off not just for you but your fairy as well. Let’s see…the first thing that comes to mind is going to keep you cool all summer long and that is going to the beach. At the at the beach you can go in the water, and lay in the sun. Your fairy and you could enjoy a fun game of volleyball or throw the Frisbee around and maybe while you are there you can catch a wave or two and really cool off. Just be careful of the riptide it is not very fun if you get caught in one of those. Also don’t forget the beach ball and you should have a wonderful time. Be sure your fairy has her boogie board

Fairies that Don’t Live by the Beach.Boogie board

Perhaps you don’t live near a beach there are other ways to stay cool all summer. One of those ways would be to find a water hole. They are real fun if you get enough people or fairies to join in.  As a child we used to make our own. We would dig a hole, fill it with water and then everyone would enjoy just playing in it and getting wet and muddy it was really messy but we had a blast. Your fairy may even be able to find ways to have fun getting muddy as well. Perhaps you happen to find a natural one you may even see a few animals stopping by to take a drink. After all, you are hanging out with a fairy. The animals may even want to join in on the fun.

A pond is another place that can help beat the summer heat. Fairies like the like the pond. They could get in the water and enjoy soaking up some rays. There may be a few ducks to feed or maybe you might see a frog or two. You could have a picnic. I am sure you could bring some really delightful treats to share with your fairy at the at the pond. Some Geese may even join you.

You could go to the lake. Inviting your fairy and some fairy friends could make it a wonderful day at the lake. You could build a campfire and toast marshmallows and hot dogs maybe tell some campfire stories. You could take a boat and sit on the lake or just go on a nature hike what joy that would be imagine all that you could see. Making smores is always fun. Fairies like sweets. Just don’t forget a sleeping bag. You are going to be tired after a day of hiking and boating. you could go to a lake

I live in the forest at the base of a mountain so for fun during the summer my fairy friends like to hang out at the river. They like to go fishing and inner tubing, We have waterfalls and bridges that are real fun to go check out. My fairy friends like to stand in the water cascading off the rocks. Sometimes they swim in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. It leads to a stream where they like to play with the fish and watch the deer. Birds like it too because they have races with the fairies. The fairies usually win though because they are so fast and can disappear when the bird isn’t looking. The best thing about summer is there are so many wonderful places that you can go to stay cool and have a great time. We get together in the evening and spend time around the campfire and listen to the crickets and watch the fireflies dance. That is a real show. They twinkle just like the stars.

Fairies that Live in the City

Fairies that live in the city may need to cool off as well. There is the local public swimming pool or maybe they have a fountain that is in the center of the city. We used to live near a park that had a water feature that the people could run through. You can always invite some friends over and run through the sprinklers. Sitting in the air conditioned house as well. There may be someone that has a slip and slide that would be a lot of fun running around and getting soaked. Some homes have a mister that encamps around their porch. No matter where your fairies may live they can find ways to stay cool during the summer heat.

So I hope this has given you some ideas to help you  to cool off this summer and don’t forget about your fairy friends as well.

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Please leave your questions and comments below and tell me how your fairies have fun in the summer sun.

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