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waterfall at the sea

Ever since I was young I have always been fascinated by waterfalls. The sounds of them are very relaxing and I love to watch the water cascading over the rocks. The way the rocks erode from the water hitting them over and over is really neat. There are so many beautiful falls here in the MT. Hood National Forest I thought I would share a few with you.

Multnomah Falls

Formed over 15,000 years ago Multnomah Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge, East of Troutdale, Oregon. It is right off of  Highway 84. There is a path that you follow to take you to the falls. It is the tallest waterfall in Oregon at 620 feet in height. It is the second highest in the nation. The first plunging upper fall is 542 feet with an additional 69 feet at the lower tier.

Standing on the bridge you can photograph some great pictures of the falls. It is the most visited natural recreation site in the U. S. Pacific Northwest. Its water source is the underground springs from Larch Mountain. The falls were noted in the journals of Explorers Lewis and Clark during their expedition through the Columbia River Gorge in  1805. According to Native American lore it was created for a princess that wanted a hidden place to bathe.

multnomah falls

When I visited the falls it was cold and raining. It was very beautiful. The water cascades over the mountain as you stand on the Benson Bridge you will get wet. The Mist from the falls is pretty powerful. You can watch it fall over the second tier and, eventually falling into a pool below. If you haven’t visited this beautiful waterfall I would suggest that if you ever come to Oregon make a point to visit this Majestic waterfall. You will have a very memorable experience. 

Little Zig Zag Falls

This is a popular hiking destination that is on the Zig Zag River near U.S.26 East of Zig Zag, Oregon. The Zig Zag river is a Tributary about 5 miles long. They both drain the Zig Zag Glacier on Mount Hood. The two of them contribute water to the Sandy River. Zig Zag Falls is small but scenic found just minutes off of the old Mount Hood Scenic Byway near Government Camp.

little zig zag falls


Little Zig Zag Falls stair steps down a pair of rounded ledges for a total of 41 feet before the river flows through a dark forest in the canyon below. This waterfall is partly spring fed and also fueled by melting ice glaciers from Mount Hood. It is constantly flowing all year round. There are below freezing temperatures during the winter months and during late spring months the stream increases great volumes of water because of the ice melting from the glacier. The high point of this falls is 3150 feet. You only gain 50 feet when hiking to this waterfall. It is very beautiful and the forest around it makes a great place to hike in the summer.

Ramona Falls  

This Waterfall is located on the upper Sandy River on the West side of Mount Hood, Oregon. It is in the forest along the Pacific Crest Trail, at an elevation of 3560 feet. The falls are about 1200 feet tall overall.

ramona fallsRamona Falls Trailhead enters the Mount Hood Wilderness with a distance of 7 miles round trip. From this trail visitors take the Sandy River Trail one mile East to where it crosses the Sandy River. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail overlaps with Ramona Falls for a couple of miles in this area. Hikers can choose to do the loop in either direction it is about the same distance either way, it is a gentle climb gaining 1000 feet over the 3.5 mile hike to the falls. If you enjoy hiking this would be a wonderful experience for you to encounter. You will see a lot of nature here.


My Own Waterfall

Being surrounded by all of the natural falls that we have here in Oregon, I decided I wanted to incorporate my own waterfall into my garden. I used rocks from the surrounding area and created a unique waterfall right in my flowerbed with my roses. The hardest part was trying to get it to look just right. The sound is very soothing and I love to relax by my waterfall and just watch the birds and nature right from my own front yard.my own waterfall

Adding a water feature to your garden can help to draw more birds and animals to your garden as well. When you plan a trip maybe you should include Oregon. This is a great place to see some very beautiful Waterfalls and get out and Explore Nature. Take some stress off.

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If you have any comments or questions I would be happy to answer them for you. Just leave your information below.

I would love to hear what you do to relieve stress in your life.

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