Georgetown Home and Garden Review- Fairy Unique

So you are looking for quality products that you can add to your fairy garden. I have found what you are looking for. It is products made by Georgetown Home and Garden. These products are made right here in the United States.

Georgetown home and garden create the most unique designs that will enhance anyone’s outdoor or indoor garden space. I love every one of the items they make and I want to share with you these awesome products.

They are one of the leaders in fairy gardening accessories. They have a high attention to detail for every piece they create. They are constantly creating new products with themes.miniature fairy garden sandcastle sculptures set of 3

The Themes

With Halloween being just around the corner, you can find some amazing items that you can add to your garden. For adding items to your garden when it comes to this holiday check out the Day of the Dead theme that Georgetown home and garden has created. The adorable pieces include a witches cauldron that glows in the dark some scary jack o lantern pics and even a mom and kids that are trick or treating. You are going to enjoy the pieces as you place them in your garden for everyone to enjoy this season.

Then there is the Swamp theme. That is great all year round the trolls are really cute not scary like trolls normally are thought to be. There is a pond that has glow in the dark stones. And who could resist taking a ride on the swamp boat with a lantern of course it does get dark at night in the swamp.

The products are made with quality polyresin and are great for indoor or outdoor use. The houses have hinged doors that open or close and who can forget to mention the gravity defying chimneys. You will have to take some angular stairways to get to some of these chimney’s but that’s ok they provide those too.  

I like the more hobbit look. The fiddlehead fairy line has over 500 types of houses, cottages,and accessories that you can choose from. There are small houses for dogs and some wonderful houses and cottages that would be perfect anywhere that you choose to place them. The little red root bungalow house is adorable it is 8 inches wide 4 inches high and 4 inches deep. It is the perfect piece to put on a hill or in an old root in the ground. It resembles a hobbit house. It even has planters outside of it for those tiny flowers your fairy loves to grow.

There are also many different animals to choose from you will find alligators, ducks in ponds, squirrels, dogs, cats, even hedgehogs. There is so many that I won’t mention all that you can find.

Then there are the accessories, you can find lemonade in a pitcher, flowers, coral reefs, garden tools, you name it they create it. There is not many things that you can think of that would be left out when it comes to the accessories you can find here.

I have to say when it comes to this company not only will you find that their products are durable you will also find they are affordable. That is what I really like about this company. No matter what you have in mind they have it and it is worth the money you spend for it.


Georgetown home and garden create the most adorable one of a kind planters you can find. The tea cup collection is great. They are tea cups so you can place the micro pieces to create your fairy tea cup garden. The tea cups look like houses I really like the lotus flower house. It is really beautifully designed. They have matched the colors to look like the leaves and flowers they represent.

Some of the planters they create  have some really funny expressions on their faces. They call them the blob house planters. They have cats, dogs, birds, pig, and don’t forget the worm. You are going to really enjoy the wonderful little cartoon looking expressions. They make great gifts.

Animal planters are another specialty they create. These adorable little planters can liven up your living space. There are many to choose from cats, dogs, birds even a deer. Lets not forget the fairy planter.

klara in her wheelchair by georgetown home and garden


The fairies they make have the most innocent little faces. Each fairy comes on a stake so you can place them in the garden without them falling over. The attention to detail is great. They each have colors that are very vibrant and range from 1.5 inches high to 4 inches high. The expressions are great they look like you can carry on conversations with them and they are paying attention to what you have to say. I love the care that this company took to create such life like features. My favorite is Klara. She is in a wheelchair. The attention to detail is amazing.

So no matter what it is that you are looking for to add to your fairy garden you can be assured that if you choose to purchase anything from this company you are getting a great quality product that you can use to enhance your fairy garden.

I hope this article has helped you to know that when you make a decision to purchase any of their products you are making the right choice you will definitely be satisfied.

==>You can go HERE to purchase Georgetown home and garden products<==

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