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Where Gnomes Came From

Have you ever wondered where Gnomes came from?  This information I have researched will explain just that.

Gnomes in European folklore: dwarfish subterranean goblin or earth spirit who guards mines of precious treasures hidden in the earth. Gnomes are represented in medieval mythologies as a small physically deformed (usually hunchback)  creature resembling a dry gnarled old man. Gnomes are also classified as earth elementals. This term “elementals” is a type of magical entity who personifies a force of nature and controlled natural powers derived from their element. Described by Paracelsus who was a Swiss physician, alchemist and astrologer of the German Renaissance. He was born Theophrastus Von Hohenheim. (1493-1541). He describes gnomes as being two spans high, very reluctant to interact with humans and able to move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air.

18th Century Gnomes

The English word is attested from the 18th century. Gnomes are used in a mock-heroic narrative poem written by Alexander Pope.”Rape of the Lock” The creatures are small and celestial prudish women in their past lives. They now spend all of eternity looking out for prudish women. (In parallel to the guardian angels in catholic belief). He was an English Poet and the second most frequently quoted writer after Shakespeare. Before the garden gnome was used the English would pay people to dress up like druids and become the hermit in their gardens. They would live in shacks, caves and other places that were constructed in a rustic manner. This practice was also used in Scotland and Ireland. According to Gordon Campbell a professor of Renaissance studies. He describes a man named John Bigg the Dinton Hermit. John Bigg was not a garden hermit but he was from the same era. This information came from an advertisement referenced from Sir William Gell’s A Tour in the Lakes made in 1797.

Other uses of the term gnome remain obscure until the 19th century. Then it was used by Romanticist collections of Fairy Tales. Female gnomes are referred to as Gnomide. In the 19th century they show up everywhere. You will find them in books, movies, poems, fairy tales, video games, and in gardens. They have even been known to travel all over the globe.

Protection of Gnomes

gnome in oregonDid you know here in the State of Oregon, there is a grass roots group that is from a little south of Corvallis, that “protect” (as they call it) gnomes. First they will leave a note on the door of the owner of the gnome explaining how their gnomes are being treated cruelly and offering the owner to hand over the gnome statue to the group. There are legitimate political organizations working for gnome rights and freedoms. The largest of these groups is in France. They are called (MENJ) The Mouvement d’Émancipation des Nains de Jardin. They represent almost all gnome liberation organizations. Their view is gnomes have an inalienable right to freedom just as humans do. They feel it is ethically wrong to force gnomes to stand in gardens without pay and without their stated consent.

There are Gnome Sanctuaries where they can live out their lives in nature peacefully. The European gnome sanctuary in Barga, Italy has been around since 1999. They are trying to liberate gnomes. Because they deserve their freedom too. In my opinion it appears that these groups are a little self centered and they only want to keep the gnomes to themselves. The way I see it is that God owns everything including the gnomes since they were created by the creator. The bible says God chooses where we live and that must include the animals, birds, gnomes, and anything else that is here on the earth.

my gnomes are happy

My gnomes seem to be very happy right where they live. They live in the mountains  I think it may be the open air and the beautiful forest that surrounds them that they are so happy with. Not to mention the wildlife that lives around here. I can say that none of my gnomes are protesting to living where they live. At least I haven’t heard any protests. They all appear to be very satisfied. They consider this to be a sanctuary. I consider this to be a sanctuary.

In Conclusion

In conclusion I have found that no matter where they came from or what they appear to be doing they have become very popular through the ages and everywhere you go there are gnomes in gardens on porches and even some in houses and they continue to make people very happy all over the world. My suggestion is to protect your gnomes at all costs. You never know when they may disappear. These groups are all over the place. Some people believe the gnomes come to life at night when no one is around. Maybe that is to protect themselves from these groups that are trying to gnomenap them. 

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Please leave a comment and if you have any questions I would be happy to address them below. Also please share this information with anyone that may have a gnome to protect.


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