God Thought About You

When the Earth was created, God thought about you. He knew he would bring you forth on the day you were born. He created you to do what only you can do. Every person was created for whatever special skill that they have. The one that no other person has. It is woven into your DNA. It is not something that can be taken away from you because it is who you are. That is what separates us from each other.  Therefore, we will do what God has created us to do. Whether we know it or not.

I have struggled with this as many others have. In my mind, I thought  I had to search out what my purpose or calling is. I was constantly looking in different directions thinking what could it be? Each time I thought it would be something, it wasn’t that. The closer I tried to find my purpose the more frustrated I would become. This only caused me to get further from what it was I was trying to achieve. I finally figured it out.

You Are Special In God’s Eyes

God created me to be me. You see no one can be you. So your purpose here is to Love God, yourselves and Everyone else as well. Even those people that you do not want to love sometimes. We also need to remember to be ourselves, not who other people would like us to be. Just be you. God Loves you for who you are. That is the reason he created you. Your special in God’s eyes. He has plans for you to give you a future. He even wrote you a Love Letter.

People In My Garden

With that being said, I have incorporated people into my garden. During Christmas time, I enjoy putting out my Christmas village. So I took it a step further and incorporated a village into my garden. I know that when Christmas comes around, it seems there is something a little different in the air. Maybe it is the spirit of giving or it could be just that we all Celebrate the Birth of our Lord. Whatever it is it feels different. This is why I felt the need to add some of that to my garden. It is really cool to see the village in my flowerbed. I get the feeling of Christmas all over again. The houses are Christmas type houses yet I add a little summer to it as well. I just like that I can put people in the garden.

my people village.

I feel that this honors God and his creation of us. God loves us so much that he made us in his image. So to honor him for that is important to me. God also commands us to love each other. When I share my creations with you I am sharing out of Love for you and God. I want you all to know that I love you all as my brother or sister. I also love the reactions I get from people who see my garden.

The joy it brings to people is really awesome. One of the kids in my neighborhood came over when I was first building my gnome house and he told me he liked my “squirrel house”. That made me laugh. I really liked his reaction. One of the little girls across the street from me likes to come over and play with the door. She sometimes will tell a story as she sits in front of it. She is four years old. I love watching her. This makes it all worthwhile.    

When the day is over and night time comes, I sit back and think of people that were touched by my garden. I pray that God blesses each and every one and I am thinking of new ways to add to it so they can see something different tomorrow. To know the joy that just a little spark of imagination can give makes me feel very Blessed.

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