Little People Legends-Mythology

Have you heard of the “Little People” legends? There are so many people that believe in the little people I am surprised that not many have heard of this

native american legends

Native American Little People.

Native American legends have told of a race of Little People (spirits) who live in the woods, or in caves. These people are only as tall as your knees.Some say that the little people play pranks such as singing and then hiding when someone starts searching for them.

Often it is said that the little people love children and would take them away from their abusive parents or if the child was without parents and left in the woods the little people would care for them themselves.

Some legends say little people would beg adults that had seen them, not to say anything about their existence. They would reward them for keeping their word.

Each Tribe has variations of what the mannerisms of the little people are like. The Cherokee believe in three types of these little people.The Rock people, they are mean and want revenge. The laurel people play tricks and are mischievous. The Dagwood people are the good ones that take care of you.

The Shoshone also believe in the little people or Nimerigar these people were people eaters.

hills of tara ireland

Little People of Ireland  

A great manuscript  “The Annals of the Four Masters” records from 1897 BC to 1700 BC they ruled Ireland. An ancient tribe called the Tuatha de Danann. They are the people of the Goddess Danu.

They were a civilized and cultured people. They introduced new skills and traditions that were held in high regard to the people they conquered. There were four great treasures or talisman that demonstrated their skills

The first was the Stone of Fal, this stone would scream when a true king of Ireland would stand on it. It was placed in the Hills of Tara the seat of the High Kings.

The Magic sword of Nuadha was capable of inflicting  only mortal blows when used.

The third is the Sling Shot of the sun god Lugh it became famous for its accuracy.

The final talisman was the Cauldron of Daghda which supplied endless food. 


These people were eventually defeated by the modern day Celts and consigned to mythology. The legend states they were allowed to stay in Ireland but only underground. They became the bearers of the fairies of Ireland, assigned to the underworld they are known as Aes sidhe (the people of the mound-fairy mounds) This is also where the Leprechaun legend came from.

The Celts or Milasians used the name of the Tuatha De Danann gods Erie as the name of their new Kingdom Erie or Eire is still used today as the name of Ireland.

little people homes

Little people in the United States

Physical remains have been found in various places in the united states they were to have been perfectly formed dwarf sized remains that were found in caves particularly in Montana and Wyoming. The Pryor Mountains  area are where little people have been seen. The size of these little people are known to be no taller than 18 inches tall. They are known by the Crow Tribe as well as ranchers that lived on the reservation that have also seen them. Some of the Crow Tribe think they are ancestors of these little people. There are also fairy rings that grow in the Pryor Mountains as well. Fairy rings are where the Fairy’s or little people like to celebrate. Circles of mushrooms that grow naturally.

the san pedro mountain mummy wikipedia
The San Pedro Mountain Mummy by Wikipedia

There is also the mummy that was found in the San Pedro Mountains in 1932. He was 14 inches tall and 6.5 inches seated found in a cave 60 miles south of Casper Wyoming. Extensive tests were done on this mummy at first they thought it was a hoax however the American Museum of Natural History found that it was genuine and was certified by the Anthropology Department at Harvard stated that it was the body of a full grown adult approximately 65 years old with a full set of canine teeth that were overly pointed. This mummy was believed to be one of the Nimerigar people of the Shoshone legend. 

What happened to these remains? Apparently they were sent to a University and then the evidence suddenly disappeared. In the 1830’s another graveyard was found in Ohio. The graves were roughly 3 feet long. This was thought to be of a pygmy race. 

Chimney Rock North Carolina, in 1891 many people witnessed people that were flying around the Rock formation. A professor at the time had been told by some children to come see the  people that were flying and the professor shrugged it off as active imaginations of the children. Then a woman came to him and had asked him to take a look and he followed her to the Rock and witnessed the sight for himself. Sure enough there were little people flying some were men, women and children. What a sight that must have been This incident lasted for several hours.

Maine is another one that has Fairies. Coastal areas are known for them and some say the first fairies were found in the woods of Monhegan Island. Farmers built homes for them to encourage the fairies to stay and watch over their crops and children during the harsh winters.

Arkansas is another state known to have little people. A man named John Quint has written a book called Little People of the Ozarks. He had an experience of seeing a tiny footprint that caused him to write a book about his experience as well as the research and the experience of other people that have seen the little people as well. You can find him on Facebook. He is looking for new information if you have any to add to his book.

With all of the sightings and documentation of the little people in legends. There has to be some sort of truth to this. Where are the artifacts that was sent to the Universities and why are we told this is all a myth if people are still seeing these little people today all over the world? What do you think about this Do you believe this is real? Or do you think it is all just a myth?

I feel that there is so many different races now that it shouldn’t matter whether we know these little people exist.

Do you have a story about your experience with little people or fairies you would like to share? I would love to hear about it. I know that if you have a supernatural encounter there is no way you can just dismiss it as a figment of your imagination and you definitely will never forget it. Society has other thoughts about that and tries to convince us we are crazy but I know different.

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