The Wild Bird Experts-Duncraft Review

Who do you consider to be wild bird experts? For me it is Duncraft. Everyone has wild birds that go through their yard. I always have an urge to feed them the question is who would know what to feed them or any other questions I may have about them. Duncraft has been the one place that I have found that can answer these questions.wild birds

The History of Duncraft

Duncraft Inc. was started by Gil Dunn in 1952 in Concord, New Hampshire. Gil started by creating a feeding station for wild birds as a hobby. It is now the 2nd largest company in the business of feeding wild birds. When it began there was a small tear out sales ad in the New Yorker. Gil continued to invent and produce products for wild bird lovers.

In the 1960’s the first catalog was 16 black and white pages and we know back then everything was done by U.S. mail.

By the 1970’s things had changed Gil no longer ran the company it was now up to his son Mike Dunn and Sharon Dunn. They took over crafting the Dunn Brand with their wild bird food (hard to find) bird houses and feeders. Their mail order catalog was produced bi annual and featured their top quality products.

In the 1990’s was born. They offered the largest selection of wild bird feeding supplies online.

bird feeder

Using Their Products

My family has used duncraft products for many years. My mother has always fed the wild birds ever since I can remember. She really uses the hummingbird feeders more than any other. This has been one of her routines to feed the hummingbirds and now it is me that feeds them as well. I not only feed the hummingbirds but other wild birds also.

Duncraft bird feeders are very durable and will last for many years to come. I would rather own one of the feeders they make than any other one out there. They make feeders for every type of wild bird that may come to your garden or yard. A lot of the feeders are squirrel proof as well. That is great because once the squirrels get on the feeder you have to refill it not long after because they have either knocked the food out of the feeder or they have eaten it.

That’s ok though because you can buy squirrel feeders from Duncraft as well. No more sharing with the birds.

Where to find the products

You can find Duncraft products not only at your local hardware store but at most retail stores that carry bird supplies as well. Most pet stores also carry their products. Their products are a little pricey but the quality is worth it and you can get coupons from their website.

One of the things I like best about this company is the customer service that they provide. It is Excellent. There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their products. If you are not happy they will make it right.

The only negative reviews I found were on the BBB site for reviews. However, it appeared that Duncraft tried to do the right thing for most of the complaints that I from duncraft

Food Products

Duncraft food products are amazing. They have the largest hard to find specialty foods for wild birds. I use the suet for my yard birds all the time. You can even purchase poultry food from them. They have food not only for birds but other critters as well.

I didn’t know that butterflies like nectar until I was searching the website one day. I not only seen nectar for them but houses too. That is pretty cool. I never thought about it before finding out that information.

You can join the food club they offer they will not only give you a 10% discount on every food  order but you can also have it delivered and get a discount on all additional orders they will even deliver to friends and family at your request. I think this is great. Perfect for those that like to feed the birds but can’t get out to do so. They want to continue helping those who have a passion for wild birds.


Duncraft houses are great as well. They take the time to craft each one for the birds as well as other critters too. Squirrel houses, even insect houses can be purchased from them. There is some great craftsmanship in every product. The ladybug houses are amazing. It is really cool they make them. My mom had ladybugs nest in their mailbox a few years ago. I didn’t know that this company made these types of houses then or it could have worked for them. There were hundreds of ladybugs in the nest.

 Bird Baths

We have discussed feeders, houses, and now bird baths. There is such a variety of baths that Duncraft carries from fountains to pedestals, solar powered to heated they have all of your bird bath needs. They even carry accessories for them. It is just a matter of space or placement with the baths.

So no matter what you are looking for when it comes to birds this company is the Expert. I really like this company because of the amount of years that they have been in business and for the quality of the products you receive. I believe that quality and customer service  is very important when you are purchasing supplies for birds because they can wear out those feeders and the weather doesn’t help.

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I hope you enjoyed this article please feel free to leave your questions and comments below. I hope you found this useful.

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