They are Everywhere-Dragons

Throughout the world there is are descriptions about them. Everywhere that they speak about them they all seem to look the same. What I am about to tell you is the truth as I know it to be. I am talking about dragons. dragon.

The term “Dragon” has been used since the beginning of time. When I say the word dragon you see a lizard looking creature that has bat like wings and flies in the sky. It breathes fire and sometimes water or ice. (mainly fire) and it can either protect or destoy people. It has four legs, sometimes it has horns, and it has a tail. The images of dragons have been all over the world within every culture there is today. They have been depicted on mosaics, pottery, royal objects such as robes, linens, coat of arms and shields.

Egyptians used them for burial shrouds, government seals have them, Mayan’s sculpted them, Aboriginal and Native American people drew them in petroglyph’s. They have also been used in Babylonian landmarks. So they have been around for centuries.

The Bible talks about them there is Leviathan who was a sea creature that was described by God to a man named Job 41. This describes what this particular “Dragon” looked like. This one is a sea monster (dragon). A serpent that was not able to be killed easily except by the one that created it.  God even tells Job that everything under heaven belongs to God (Job 41:11) this includes the Dragon (sea or land monsters)

The word dragon is referred in the bible within 10 different books 34 times. Each description is referring to some sort of monster or evil that is being done.God describes Satan as a serpent, however, leviathan was a Sea Monster therefore they are not the same person or thing.  What gets me thinking is that if this is biblical how can it be portrayed as a myth? This really bothers me because in this instance it is from God who can not lie and therefore, how can we assume this is a myth?

In April 303 AD on the 23rd to be exact a man called Saint George died. This man has been known throughout history. We know him as a Dragon Slayer. That is what they called him Saint George the Dragon Slayer.shield of saint george slaying the dragon

If there are no dragons why would a person such as this be known by this name?

Throughout our history we are told stories of creatures that could have lived long ago. This is one of those creatures. There is a man who was born in 1822 in Hex Forest St. Leonard Forest, Sussex, England by the name of Dr. Ernest Drake. He apparently met what was then known as a Dragon Master Ebenezer Crook at 14 years old. Mr Crook explained to him the difference between Dragons and Dinosaurs. According to him they are not the same.

Dr Drake became a Dragonologist First Class in 1852. He published a book about Dragonology (printed in 1896) about his groundbreaking scientific work on migratory habits of frost Dragons. Drake also talks about the Knucker which is a dragon that lives in what they call knucker holes in Sussex, England. He also talks about baby dragons that are called hatch lings. You can find these books about Dragonology at  the scholastics website.

Why would someone write a book about these creatures and include scientific studies if they were not true creatures? What is cool about these books are they have samples of Dragon wings, scales and skin that you can touch. So how is it that it can be taught about dragons if there is no such thing. How can so many people around the world believe they are real and yet be told they are not especially when in the 1600’s it has been noted that maps were made of unknown regions with drawings of Dragons on them how was it that these largely separated people were all able to see the same kind of creature in their imagination and each person could draw it and it be the same as other people from another region after all they are a myth. There is no bias of reality.

dragon head Dragons are apparently intelligent creatures, they live in dark damp and secluded areas such as caves. Every culture seems to have their own interpretation of Dragons. In some cultures the dragon is able to fly in some they live in the sea others seem to think that dragons are protective over treasures and others think they bring good fortune. No matter what culture you visit there is some sort of legend of dragons.

There are even rocks that resemble dragons drinking water from the ocean. The age of disclosure has done research to find the rocks were living at one time check out mudfossil university. dragon drinking iceland

Few people have said they seen dragons. Here in the United States, we are told they are only a figment of imagination.

The truth is no matter what we believe we are told that that belief is just a matter of opinion when it comes to Dragons, as well as any other so called Myth that we may think to be true.

The way I see it is there has to be a reason that so many cultures believe in what is known as Dragons. I don’t believe so many cultures could have the same belief without them being real at one point or another in time.  

In China they have their Chinese New Year and depict the dragon to bring them good fortune and wealth. Records of Marco Polo in china showed that the Royal house kept dragons for ceremonies.

In ancient Egypt and Arabia records were kept by Greek historian Herodotus and by Jewish historian Josephus these records described flying reptiles.

In other cultures it was an honor for men to kill these beasts as a way to establish credibility in a village.

Irish place names are named after legends of aquatic monsters (dragons) according to a book written by PW Joyce an irish historian.

What we can determine from prehistoric art, legends and the world’s most ancient text, belief in Dragons appear to be universal throughout the world.

Learning about Dragons has been a real eye opener for me I had no idea the belief has been around that long however, what I do know is that no matter what they may look like in our imagination there is real evidence to prove that they did exist and maybe still do we just don’t see them. After all why would the Bible tell us they were real if it wasn’t true? I am believing GOD not what man tells me.  

Do you believe that Dragons are real? Or do you believe they are just a figment of an overactive imagination?

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